TendR-X 34 I Lobster

Material: 100% Polyester Draft: 1.00 meter CE-Certificate: C
Length: 10.50 meter Weight: 5.000 KG Engine: 52 – 320 HP
Width: 3.00 meter People capacity: 10


  • Polyester hull
  • Fast speeding underwater ship
  • CE-category, coats waters
  • Engine foundation


  • Integrated swimming platform
  • Polyester deck
  • Sunbed on frontdeck
  • Spacious roundseat at the back with acces to swimming platform


  • Steering position
  • Spacious roundseat
  • Kitchenarea
  • Seat and back cushions


  • Master bedroom for 2 persons
  • Extra bedroom for 1 person
  • Bathroom with shower, toilet and sink
  • Lightning in all areas
  • Windows
The standard equipment is under strictly quality control of TendR Yachts.
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TendR-X 34 Lobster can be extended with several options and can be customized to your personal wishes. Contact us and let yourself be informed about the possibilities.